The Society holds monthly meetings, normally Saturday afternoons, to study all aspects of microscopy.

Visitors are always welcome to come and sample our activities. We guarantee that they will be impressed.

There is the opportunity to observe the microstructure of anything on Earth, and occasionally some extra-terrestrial objects too. There is is the real possibility that the amateur may actually discover something.

You are invited to examine our Syllabus, which includes presentations by specialist Guest Speakers, field meetings, laboratory work, and visits to other organisations. We also present an Annual Exhibition to the Public.

Those hitherto innocent of all knowledge microscopical are at no disadvantage at our meetings: indeed first sight of wonderful organisms, smaller than the diameter of a hair, is quite magical.

It is not even necessary to own a microscope in order to become involved in our activities: there are always plenty of demonstrations, and the opportunity  for some hands-on experience before buying one's own kit. Indeed, we do not recommend that the beginner should obtain an instrument before consulting us.

A number of Artists have extracted much inspiration from what they have seen through our microscopes. Conversely, minute pictures and photographs which can only be viewed with the aid of a microscope, were very popular curiosities in Victorian times.

Video Microscopy is an increasingly popular activity at the Society. A television camera is coupled to a microscope, and the minute objects are viewed on a large screen. The technique is superb for demonstrations. Further, instant  copies of the image may be  printed out.

So come and see what we do. Where else might you extract an afternoon's entertain- ment from a drop of slimy puddle-water?

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